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Hey, I’m Tom, an experience SEO consultant. I provide SEO services to help you improve the visibility of your website and increase revenue.

“We would definitely recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to invest in SEO to grow their business.”

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About me

I’m all about SEO — it’s not just my career, it’s my passion. I’ve worked with tons of businesses, big and small, using all the technical know-how I’ve got to increase their online traffic. I take on just a few projects at a time, really digging into each one. When I’m not deep in SEO, I’m hanging out with my wife & son, recharging and enjoying life. They’re my why, keeping me motivated to do my best, both at work and at home.

My Mission

My mission is to help grow your business through SEO whilst being transparent at every step of the journey. Ensuring everything I do reflects my core values and ethics.

The Non-BS Approach to SEO

“Tom’s knowledge around SEO is brilliant and he has helped to increase the knowledge of our internal marketing team in this area”

“Jade Dover”

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Freelance SEO


Working with clients in various sectors as a freelance SEO consultant. Specialising in Ecommerce websites, national businesses and content sites. I am dedicated in boosting your online visibility and revenue.


Senior SEO Consultant

Intrepid Travel

I am the Senior SEO Specialist for EMEA & North America for Intrepid Travel. Intrepid is a BCorp running small group tours across the world and is committed to creating positive change through the joy of travel


Police Detective

Police Scotland

I have years of knowledge and experience in investigating serious and complex crimes across Scotland, working with communities and keeping the public safe. 

Recent Work

Explore my latest projects. I’ve partnered with e-commerce platforms, content-driven sites, and major national brands, crafting unique strategies to boost their online presence. My tailored approaches include a variety of strategies, from enhancing site architecture and implementing significant technical adjustments to improving and creating content, all aimed at driving increased web traffic and revenue.

1,000-12,000 Monthly Users In 7 Months

I guided a national service business through a web re-platforming and developed a content strategy to boost brand visibility and sales. The results were significant: we saw 12,000 monthly users within six months, achieved huge organic growth and noticed a marked increase in sales and enquiries, demonstrating the effectiveness of streamlined tech enhancements and strategic content planning.

55% increase in Users YOY

In a project with an e-commerce client, I used a mix of large technical SEO fixes and added content to drive results. This led to a 55% jump in organic clicks, going from 26.2k to 40.5k  over the last 3-month period year-over-year, and impressions nearly doubled to 2.18 million. This shows how combining technical changes with a strong content strategy can significantly boost online performance.

Featured in the Independent

I planned and ran a digital PR campaign that got a client featured in The Independent. This involved careful research, crafting a strong pitch, and reaching out to the right media contacts. The result was a big boost in the brand’s credibility, more audience attention, and higher website traffic, showing the real value of digital PR in improving online visibility.

Growing Personal Projects

I applied various SEO strategies to my own recruitment website, successfully growing it to 20,000 sessions a month. This growth was driven by a mix of quality content creation and on-page SEO optimisations. The increase in traffic is a clear indicator of how effective SEO techniques can substantially enhance online visibility and user engagement. These personal projects are where I test a lot of strategies for my clients.

What My Clients Say

Jade Dover Head Of Marketing

Tom has worked with us at SES Home Services for about 8 months and has been the driving force behind increasing the web traffic to our new website and driving conversions. Tom's knowledge around SEO is brilliant and he has helped to increase the knowledge of our internal marketing team in this area. We would definitely recommend Tom and his team to anyone who is looking to invest in SEO to grow their business.

Sam Owner

When it comes to SEO I'm f&#*ing delighted to say we called it right, and for anyone else struggling to make the call Tom Brook is your man. Luckily he only takes a few clients so you've probably got no chance, but this guy is an SEO guru that has a massive impact on organic revenue

I Love SEO and New Challenges create new websites and design templates

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